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Introducing Climate Finance Copilot - Artificial Intelligence (AI) enabled climate finance support. Try Now

Making Climate Finance Attainable For Those That Need It Most

Climate Smart Funding for the Americas

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What We Believe

We believe that citizens of Latin America and the Caribbean eager and passionate about preserving the natural environment and that we should be a partner in this needed effort. 

​We believe what we can play a significant role in providing the knowledge and resources project managers need to conserve and expand their forestry. 

​We believe that with tailored funding solutions, thousands of nature-based projects can amplify and sustain the inherent benefit they offer the environment and their respective local communities.

Weak Concept Notes and Proposals 

Weak Project

Structuring Plans

Technical Expertise 


Weak Climate 
Rationale Narratives 



Identifying Bankable 


Problems We Solve


Artificial Intelligence Support For A Climate Smart Future

Accelerating Climate Finance For Small Teams 

At Janus Advisory, we are committed to supporting climate-vulnerable countries in overcoming the challenges of obtaining climate funding. Through cutting-edge artificial intelligence (AI) natural language learning models, our software revolutionizes the process of crafting Concept Notes and Proposals, making it faster, more efficient, and cost-effective.

By leveraging our AI-powered software, your team gains a competitive edge, achieving more with less time and external support. Lowering costs and constraints, we empower you to focus on what truly matters - driving impactful climate projects that make a difference.

Join us at Janus Advisory as we unlock new possibilities in climate finance, powered by the potential of AI technology. Together, let's propel climate resilience and sustainability forward.

What We Do 

Boost proposal quality by flagging weak areas and providing suggestions to ensure ​proposal narratives align with funders' investment priorities.

Resolve technical capacity constraints ​by harnessing the processing power of AI to review literature, make suggestions, grade proposals. 

Overcome data limitations for adaptation projects such as establishing the climate rationales that are foundational to such projects. 

Paves the way towards less cumbersome concept notes and proposal development processes, lowering preparation costs and reliance on costly external consultancies. 

Overcomes the barriers associated with having to learn the complex, and at times onerous, investment criteria of each funder. 

Our expertise is using AI to…

Our systems can reliably predict the likelihood of a concept note or proposal being accepted and much more 

  • Limited queries to Janus AI machines

  • Not all features available. 

  • Single account

  • For individual project owners

$300/ month


  • Unlimited queries to all AI machines

  • All features available, but limited queries. (TBD)

  • Multiple accounts

  • Suitable for entities that are overseeing multiple projects such as regional and national entities.) Environment.) 

$1,000/ month


  • Customized solutions for technical consultancies that wish to use all services without data/query limits

$1,500/ month

Enterprise +

  • Unlimited queries to all AI machines

  • All features available

  • Multiple accounts

  • For institutes and foundations overseeing multiple projects

$500/ month



Pricing Plans for JanusAI

Step 1

Sign up for a free trial of our Climate Finance Copilot software

Step 2

Get Access to all our proposal writing and assessment tools

Step 3

Start Submitting Winning Proposals!

Getting Started

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What Our Customers Say

In my country, a local government authority can take up to three months to do a technical evaluation of a Concept Note. If we had the Climate Finance tool, we could complete this task in one month - a time savings of 66%.
Click here to read Q&A

Government Climate Grant Writer

(Central America)

It is normal that the drafting of a concept note for major donors like GCF takes several months. Now, after evaluating Climate Finance Co-pilot over the course of several days, I know that we could achieve the same quality in mere days. Click here to read Q&A

Climate Grant Writer


The app produced valuable feedback tailored to the chosen funding agency, instantly pointing out which of its guidelines were sufficiently met and which were not, a task that is usually a lot more time-consuming when done entirely manually.

PhD Researcher


Accelerating Climate Finance for All Teams

Artificial Intelligence Support for a Climate Smart Future.

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