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About Us

About Us

Our Story

Named after the Roman god of beginnings and transitions, Janus symbolizes the dawn of a new era in not only software development but also in climate and disaster preparedness finance. Our company, founded by a visionary group of American and Caribbean investors, embodies the transformative power of artificial intelligence (AI) to reshape the future. At Janus, we are committed to leveraging AI to accelerate the development agendas of countries in the global south, helping them usher in a brighter future.


At the helm is Oliver Barrett, a retired U.S. naval officer and seasoned expert in climate policy and AI innovation. With a distinguished background as a Senior Research Fellow at the Center for Climate and Security in Washington D.C., Oliver has been at the forefront of addressing environmental challenges through policy and technology. His leadership in developing AI-driven software for crafting funding proposals marks a pivotal step in empowering small teams to access significant climate finance opportunities.

What We Do

At Janus, we specialize in intuitive business software tailored for climate financing and disaster preparedness. Our AI-powered solutions streamline the process of developing project ideas and producing winning funding proposals. By harnessing our technology, states and organizations can unlock funding from major global donors with unprecedented efficiency and ease, gaining a competitive advantage in securing grants from entities like the Green Climate Fund.

How We Operate

Our operation philosophy marries productivity with flexibility and creativity. Janus thrives on a geographically diverse team, allowing us to draw from a global talent pool while ensuring agility and responsiveness to our clients’ needs. We are committed to delivering an unparalleled client experience, providing the necessary tools and support to navigate the complexities of climate-smart project funding successfully.

Our Team

At Janus, we operate with a lean, skilled team comprising of front-end and back-end talent, including a Senior Product Designer, an AI Engineer, a Front-End Developer, and a Data Security Analyst. This specialized ensemble allows us to be agile and innovative, focusing on delivering intuitive, powerful, and secure software solutions for climate financing and disaster preparedness. Each member plays a crucial role, from designing user-friendly interfaces and utilizing cutting-edge AI to ensuring robust data security. Together, we deliver excellence and drive meaningful impact in the climate finance sector.

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