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Introducing Climate Finance Copilot - Artificial Intelligence (AI) enabled climate finance support. Try Now

Making Climate Finance Achievable

The Janus advisory team appreciates ​that ​Small Island Developing States (SIDS​) and Least Developed Countries LDCS) inherently face major human and technical capacity constraints throughout the project cycle​, ​from project origination to implementation. 

​Our tools were created from the ground up with the sole intent of resolving these challenges in an affordable way. The payoff for you is faster proposal production and qualitatively superior and compelling narratives that "speak the language" of evaluators while showing how your project(s) satisfy their requirements. But don't take our word for it, find out for yourself with a free trial!

Become A Client

Accredited Entities and NDAs

Janus Advisory strives to support Green Climate Fund Accredited Entities and Nationally Designated Authorities in their efforts to procure the funds their climate-vulnerable states and populations need. 

Our flagship application, Climate Finance Copilot, can automate much of your Concept Note and Proposal drafting and evaluation processes, saving you hundreds of man-hours and freeing up your staff to do work that only humans can do. 

Our natural language-based models also provide comprehensive feedback to you via our scoring model, allowing you to improve your proposals before resubmitting them. 


​The Janus team is committed to providing USAID support as the agency works with developing states across the world to create a more climate resilient future. 

Our web application provides national governments with the tools they need to draft high-quality project plans and concept notes, saving them valuable time and resources while increasing their chances of securing funding for their climate mitigation/adaptation projects. 

The goal is to catalyze the "crowding in" of climate funding by unlocking then power of AI learning model to help teams to formulate compelling project ideas and to draft Concept Notes and Proposals ​that reflect the projects benefits. 

Project Proponents

We appreciate the very high level of effort that goes into structuring climate adaptation projects. From onerous research tasks to stakeholder engagement and intense writing efforts, putting together a winning project proposal in today's hyper-competitive finance environment is a lot of work. 

Our flagship, AI-enabled web application, Climate Finance Copilot, was specifically designed to make your team more productive and efficient. Climate Finance Copilot eliminates the need to hire expensive third-party consultants to support proposal-drafting efforts. 

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