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Introducing Climate Finance Copilot - Artificial Intelligence (AI) enabled climate finance support. Try Now

Capability Statement

Special Note to Contracting Officers: 


To procure our specialized services, we invite program and procurement officers to engage with us for inclusion in the US procurement system so we can deliver exceptional results in furtherance of partner nation capacity building and US foreign policy objectives. 

While our core team's extensive experience in software development is not directly transferable to company past performance criteria, FAR 9.104-1 supports our eligibility, emphasizing that past performance should not be the sole factor in assessing a contractor's responsibility. Further, we are equipped to provide necessary documentation, testimonials, and case studies demonstrating our impactful solutions. 


Capability Statement:


Janus is at the forefront of providing innovative software solutions designed to address the critical needs of climate-vulnerable states across the Global South. The company is registered with the U.S. System of Awards Management (SAM) (UEI D35NMM5YYL43) and specializes principally in NAICS code 541511, but also qualifies for other codes: 541512; 541519; 541618; 541690; 541720 and 541990. 

Our mission is to empower these states to access the necessary climate finance for adaptation and mitigation projects, thus supporting their efforts to meet and exceed their Nationally Determined Commitments towards environmental sustainability and resilience.


Core Competencies:


Climate Finance Facilitation: Our flagship software, Climate Finance Co-Pilot, leverages cutting-edge generative AI technology, specifically tailored to the unique demands of climate finance operations. This powerful tool enables partner nations to significantly ramp up their production of funding proposals — by 3 to 5 times — effectively reducing the time and complexities involved in securing substantial funding for their critical climate projects. See Past Performance page here


Unique Value Proposition:


Unlike any offering in the market, Climate Finance Co-pilot addresses the unmet need for specialized tools that streamline the creation of bankable proposals, enabling efficient access to the growing pool of climate finance. This uniqueness is chiefly attributed to our innovative use of generative AI, designed for climate finance use cases, a niche yet critically important area that many have overlooked due to financial considerations. 

Janus chooses to prioritize impact over profit, recognizing the urgent need for action in the face of climate change. Our software services uniquely enhance partner states' abilities to secure climate finance, aligning with critical US Government (USG) foreign policy objectives. Click here to see how our services align with US Climate Policy objectives.

Technical Competency and Reliability:

Oliver Barrett led significant software development projects for the U.S. Department of Defense, managing multimillion-dollar budgets and complex deliverables with a focus on operational sustainability and technical excellence. His direct involvement in these projects highlights our expertise in undertaking and delivering large-scale, high-stakes software solutions. The company’s robust web applications are built on proven and redundant infrastructure provided by industry leaders like Google, OpenAI, and Microsoft, ensuring resilience and data privacy. Click here to read reviews of recent users.

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