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Introducing Climate Finance Copilot - Artificial Intelligence (AI) enabled climate finance support. Try Now

Features that Bring Your Proposals to Life

Project Structuring

Our top-tier AI-enabled tool guides and assists in crafting a Project Structuring Plan, showcasing your thorough preparations to investors and stakeholders. With the Enterprise plan, engage with the model through our chat feature.

Concept Note Drafter

This tool drafts an initial Concept Note with minimal information, and if you're mid-way or further in drafting, it refines narratives to meet your Target funder's criteria.

Concept Note & Proposal Evaluator

Two distinct tools with a shared function - they offer comprehensive evaluations of your Concept Note and Proposal, aligning with your target funders' criteria, highlighting strengths and gaps in your application.

National Alignment Checker

Tailored for National Climate Change divisions. This tool checks if prospective projects align with national climate resiliency priorities. Also, useful for project owners aspiring to obtain national endorsement of their projects. 

Climate Finance Copilot

Choose the Plan Thats Right For You


The world’s first climate finance software made for boosting your capacity to win much more climate funding!

Basic (Free)

With climate domain expertise, the AI model used in this plan can quickly and precisely evaluate narratives against funders’ criteria and provide expert guidance.


What you get:

  • Access to our tools: Evaluate a Concept Note, Draft a Concept Note, Project Structuring and Theory of Change
  • Access to our GPT-4 Model
  • 10,000 tokens (approx. 1 Concept Note)
  • Tech Support: Level 3


Capable of processing 4x as many words as the Basic model. This means it can review much longer narratives and is more precise in the guidance provided.

Coming Soon

All Basic features, plus:

  • Access to: Playground
  • Access to our GPT-4 Turbo Model
  • 50,000 tokens (approx. 5 CNs)
  • Tech Support: Level 2


A customized solution for GCF accredited entities
requiring the full range of tools needed to produce
bankable funding packages. All powered by the
most powerful commercial AI model in the world.

Coming Soon

All Premium features, plus:

  • Access to: Full Proposal Evaluator and Climate Rationale Advisor
  • Access to our GPT-4 Turbo Model
  • 500,000 tokens (approx. 10 CNs and 5 FPs) 
  • Up to 5 users
  • Tech Support: Level 1

Increase Efficiency Across the Entire Project Lifecycle

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