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Introducing Climate Finance Copilot - Artificial Intelligence (AI) enabled climate finance support. Try Now

National Designated Authorities

Enhance Your Climate Finance Management with Climate Finance Co-pilot


As GCF accredited National Designated Authorities (NDAs), you hold the critical role of providing strategic oversight of the GCF's activities within your country. Due to resource constraints, however, your office might face significant challenges that can impact your effectiveness in managing climate finance responsibilities.


These constraints can affect everything from project identification and development to stakeholder engagement and capacity building, ultimately influencing your nation's ability to secure and manage crucial funding for climate action.


Why not leverage powerful software to accelerate and magnify your capacities and fulfill your obligations more effectively?


Introducing Climate Finance Co-pilot, an AI empowered web application designed to bolster the capacities for NDAs. Ask us how we can achieve the following for you:

  • Automated Review of Project Ideas: Automatically assess project ideas against your predefined criteria.


  • Streamlined Submission Processes: Proponents can use our templates for submitting project ideas, Concept Notes, or funding proposals directly to the NDA.


  • Administrative and Eligibility Checks: Perform necessary checks on project ideas and Concept Notes efficiently.


  • Technical Assessment: Conduct thorough technical assessments of Concept Notes and funding proposals.


  • No-objection Checks: Ensure all funding proposals meet required standards and obtain necessary approvals.


  • Support for Accredited Entities (AEs): Assist AEs in the development of full funding proposals.

If you are ready to significantly enhance your capacity to fulfill your GCF obligations, contact us to schedule a live demo of Climate Finance Co-pilot. Let's empower your operations and accelerate your climate action initiatives.


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