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Introducing Climate Finance Copilot - Artificial Intelligence (AI) enabled climate finance support. Try Now

Our Solutions

Project Grading Assistant 

This model can quickly analyze and grade concept notes and proposals based on target funders' specific criteria. It can quickly and accurately assess the strengths and weaknesses of each section of your Concept Note or Proposal and identifies areas where the proposal can be improved.


It will also provide targeted recommendations to help the proponent make the necessary changes. Once complete with the grading sequence, the proposal writing team can generate a score report to review a detailed breakdown of the scoring.

Proposal Draft Assistant 

This model is designed to streamline the process of drafting concept notes and project proposal narratives. It leverages advanced artificial intelligence algorithms and prompts to create a "mold" that ensures the outputs generated are fully in sync with your target funders' priorities and criteria. 

After inputting the core project information, the application can quickly provide a first draft of the project concept note or proposal tailored to your chosen funders' requirements. With this model, you can save time and effort by generating high-quality first-cut drafts in a fraction of the time it would take to write them manually. 

Meet The Tools In Your New Toolbox

Climate Rationale Assistant 

This model is designed to help climate adaptation and mitigation project proponents draft compelling climate rationale narratives for their concept notes and project proposals. We understand that crafting a strong climate rationale is one of the most important aspects of a project concept note or a proposal, and this application specializes in helping writers generate a well-supported climate rationale narrative. 

Using the input you provide, this model identifies key climate risks and vulnerabilities and provides targeted recommendations for how the project can be designed to mitigate these risks and build resilience. 

You will save time and effort by generating high-quality climate rationale narratives in a fraction of the time it would take to write them manually. 

Project Structuring 

This model is specifically designed to assist climate-smart project proponents in creating comprehensive project structuring plans that address both climate adaptation and mitigation strategies, with the target audience being climate funding organizations such as regional development banks. 

Based on your input, it provides a comprehensive and standardized framework for structuring projects that address climate adaptation and mitigation, making it easier for funding organizations to evaluate project proposals and make funding decisions. This not only streamlines the funding process but also helps the project proponent convey to potential lenders the viability of the project from a business standpoint. 

Better Outcomes With Our Language Models

AI is currently being used in applications such as Navigation Apps; Rideshare apps, online banking, and even in the legal domain. But it has yet to be leveraged to help states and entities that have traditionally been left on the sidelines of climate finance to procure the funding they need to mitigate climate change impacts. 

Our AI-enabled web applications are game-changers, especially for the countries and entities with constrained capacities to satisfy the onerous funding application demands of project funders. 

Whether you are a seasoned project proponent or a newcomer to the field, our tools will help you to better meet the challenge of transitioning your projects from concepts to fully funded interventions. 

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