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Introducing Climate Finance Copilot - Artificial Intelligence (AI) enabled climate finance support. Try Now


For developing states, climate change presents an urgent crisis, demanding focused and immediate action. This urgency provides a compelling reason to enlist services and expertise with the power to accelerate climate finance national renewable energy and adaptation projects. Janus offers such a service and is dedicated to making it easy for public sector departments/agencies to access it.

Janus Advisory is registered with the U.S. System of Awards Management (SAM), allowing us to engage in open procurement opportunities across the U.S. Further, as a relatively new entity, we are keenly aware of the emphasis public sector entities place on vendor track records and understand that contracting decisions revolve around past performance, technical approach, and cost. Here's how we address each:

Past Performance: Our Managing Director’s leadership in a multi-million U.S. Department of Defense Software Development program speaks volumes about our project management expertise, most specifically, within the context of software development and sustainment.  Moreover, our technical ensemble boasts some of the industry’s brightest technologists, including front-end designers and developers, AI specialists, and prompt engineers, all of whom contribute to our state-of-the-art web application tailored for public sector needs. 

Technical Approach: Our web applications derive strength from proven and redundant infrastructure, thanks to our leveraging the services of industry leaders like Google, OpenAI and Microsoft. We're open to sharing a basic overview of our backend system architecture (while respecting proprietary constraints) to alleviate any concerns regarding platform resilience and data privacy.

Pricing: We recognize the uniqueness of every entity's technical requirements. Our pricing structure, therefore, is malleable, adapting to your specific technical needs in terms of capabilities, and timelines.  As you explore the capabilities of our tools, and refine your requirements, our pricing can be tailored to accommodate these needs.

Procurement Vehicles - "Sole Source": Our transformative service remains unparalleled on a global scale. This unique positioning presents a strong case for procurement officers to consider us under sole-source justification procedures. The unusual and compelling urgency that climate change poses to development states, provides another argument for sole sourcing our first-of-its-kind software. 

* Our U.S. based company is currently in the process of being registered as a technology supplier in the following countries: Jamaica, Barbados, Guyana, Bahamas and the Dominican Republic. 


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